Why Harris Healthcare?

Everyone knows when selecting a diamond, the 4Cs are important.

As Harris Healthcare has been a somewhat hidden gem in the healthcare community, it’s high time we share what our clients already know: The 4Cs that make us a valued partner.

1. Commitment

We focus 100% on healthcare, and we invest in long-term partnerships to ensure our client’s success. For some of our solutions, like acuity-based staffing, scheduling and EHR, the healthcare connection seems obvious. For others, like ERP and Cost Accounting—it’s not as obvious, but once you start looking, it becomes apparent how valuable a healthcare focus is. Our solutions are purposefully designed and engineered for healthcare, not adapted for use from some other industry.

2. Competency

We foster client independence by developing our clients’ core competency with our solutions. We teach our clients how to effectively configure, use and customize solutions, eliminating the vendor-dependency that is often present and costly for clients. Of course, we are still available for support or to help manage changes where needed, but we’re firm believers in the “teach them to fish” philosophy.

3. Confidence

We place great confidence in our clients’ expertise. You invest a great deal of time, effort and money into studying workflows, clinical decision models and documentation standards. One of our best attributes is that we’ve designed our solutions to be flexible in order to accommodate varying practices, even down to the minutia of differences between departments and how they operate while still allowing the hospital to enforce its absolutes. So, where other vendors have a sandbox and say “this is how you have to fit in and play,” we have a beach that you’re free to roam…with a lifeguard on duty.

4. Cost

We build or have acquired the best solutions, bring them together as one, offering the same or better functionality to our clients at a lower total cost. To further bring costs down, we implement faster and within our clients’ existing IT infrastructures. We do not monopolize your IT staff’s time or require consultants. And we continue to invest in our clients as well as research and development. All these cost savings come before even using the solution—which invariably helps streamline patient care and business operations for a sustainable ROI!

We are ready to put these 4Cs to work for you!

With every decision we make, we endeavor to earn your trust.

We are genuine in our belief that we can help make things better for you, your staff, your patients and your community. We share a commitment to success, and this common thread weaves throughout every level of our organization. We are approachable, engaged, and empowered to act on your behalf.

Unlock the treasure trove of some of healthcare’s most powerful tools, and benefit from the wealth of experience Harris Healthcare brings to the table.

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