Uniphy Health Features

Clinical Communication

  • Enables secure text, voice, video & alerts
  • Facilitates patient-centric chat & hand-off
  • Efficiently expedites clinical alerts
  • Enhances nurse call/call light process

Clinical Network Collaboration

  • Facilitates network referrals & consults
  • Optimizes workflows & notifications
  • Streamlines escalation & routing process
  • Simplifies access to Services Directory

Patient Experience

  • Enables patient to provider communication
  • Empowers mobile patient access
  • Centralizes access to third-party apps
  • Provides a secure communication platform

Provider Engagement

  • Improves healthcare provider satisfaction
  • Enables KPI improvement
  • Enhances staff collaboration & education
  • Streamlines internal marketing

Infinite solutions. One unlimited platform.

Learn how Uniphy Health's versatile Clinical Communication Platform can be configured to your unique requirements.