Open the “Digital Door” of Patient Self Service

Boost Patient Satisfaction and Dramatically Reduce Wait Times

Make waiting a thing of the past! Give your patients the freedom to register, make decisions, and fill out necessary forms using convenient solutions (smartphones, tablets, and kiosks).

Improve Staff Efficiency and Alleviate Front Desk Pressure Points

 Automate the check-in process to minimize front desk congestion, reduce duplicate data entry, and save time by eliminating the manual input of information.

Increase Payment Collections and Reduce A/R Delays

Greatly improve cash flow by collecting payments at check-in with a card reader. With a swipe of a card and mere seconds a patient can settle co-pays, outstanding balances, and even set up a payment plan that works for them.

Reduce Printing and Paper-Related Costs

 Go paperless and save trees, while improving your bottom line. You can say goodbye to paper clipboards and all of the costs associated with updating and printing forms.

Superior Data Accuracy and Security

 Put the power in patients’ hands to enhance data accuracy, privacy, and help ensure the safe delivery of care, as well as avoid claim denials. Patients can easily check in for service using a license, insurance card, or palm-vein reader at registration and update their contact and insurance information.

Ensure Secure Payment Collections and Protect Cardholder Data

 Efficiently achieve your PCI Compliance and PA-DSS Compliance goals through check-in solutions that are Payment Application Data Security Standard certified (PCI PA-DSS).

Effectively Market Your Organization

 Easily integrate media such as videos, images, and slides to enhance communication of key events, promotions, and other brand messaging. Promote and educate others about your organization and ongoing programs!

Affinity Patient Self-Service is a proven solution, with many advantages

  • Time Saver: Reduce wait times for 50% for new patients and 75% for existing patients
  • Improve Patient Satisfaction: Client Press Ganey scores jumped over 14%
  • Join the Club: On our 6th generation product, operating in over 1,200 locations
  • Patient Devotion: Approximately 7 million annual patient check-ins
  • Revenue Capture: Over $ ¼ Billion collected in patient payments
  • Flexible Technology: Utilize smartphones, tablets or kiosks

Trust in the innovation of a proven solution for over 16 years

Additional Benefits for Patients:

  • Multilingual Support
  • Full control to make their check-in process easy, private and secure
  • Text Message notifications alerting when they are next in line
  • Easy access to their account for any information
  • Reduced data entry by pulling data off of the patient’s scanned insurance card
  • Directions on where to go based on location and/or service
  • Simple interface to complete necessary related forms and questionnaires

Additional Benefits for Staff

  • Smooth transitions for early arrivals and buses
  • Ability to take photos of the patient and tie to their data for easy, discreet recognition
  • Full customization options with control over required fields of data collection, as well as design
  • Management of data/codes with data dictionaries
  • Linking of insurance card to record and billing through the scanner
  • Escalate and de-escalate services based on priority
  • Superior analytics and reporting options, including real time – to track metrics that matter to you most

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