Simplifying the Ways to Increased Patient Satisfaction

Direct Pay

Patients can pay directly from the link. No more forgotten wallets or uncomfortable questions about payments. Patients know exactly what their care burden is (after insurance) and can pay upfront.

Patient “Fast Pass”

A patient arrival tracker with waiting list is included in Affinity Mobile Pre-Reg, affording you the knowledge of which patients are fully registered (including payment). This allows you to grant patients a “Fast Pass”, streamlining the appointment and making the entire process faster and easier on everyone. Once completely registered, the patient receives a pass similar to a flight boarding pass and they can go directly to a patient self-service station upon arrival, scan the barcode and receive directions to the service area with no waiting.

Adaptable to Patient Demographics in Real-Time

Fully customizable rules-based workflows actively audit information as the patient enters it, allowing the system to alert staff to inconsistencies, validate insurance information, provide exceptions, and automatically adjust the patient’s workflow as necessary – all in real time.

Low Technical Threshold for Staff

With minimal training administrative and other staff can easily adjust the look and feel of forms, sequence, colors, hospital branding and more, providing a clear and professional entry-point for patients within each hospital or clinic.

System Agnostic

Affinity Mobile PreReg can be used alone, but can also communicate in real time via HL7 with any registration or revenue-cycle management system you choose – now, or in the future.

Point of Service Collections are proven to increase cash collections by as much as 300%

Benefits for You

Increase Charge Capture

  • The earlier you collect, the more likely patients are to pay
  • Patients are asked how they wish to pay, including amount due and prior balance
  • Determine patient balance after primary, secondary and tertiary payors
  • Process payments directly from Affinity Mobile PreReg


Be More Efficient

  • Process more patients more efficiently, allowing staff to focus on patients who need extra attention
  • Review and approved appointment requests, with triggers to email details to patients automatically
  • Save money, paper, and ink by emailing confirmation documents to paitents
  • Documents can be saved to your electronic health record or preferred clinical documentation system


Improve Accuracy

  • Quickly capture demographic data by patients scanning their license and insurance cards. Optical character recognition (OCR) converts it to data and places it in the correct fields
  • Check eligibility (automatically or via a link) based on the information scanned or keyed in
  • First-pass denials are reduced as keying errors are eliminated
  • Simultaneously capture patient photo for enhanced service, safety and privacy

Benefits for Your Patients


  • Pre-registration, upcoming appointments, and payment reminders are delivered via email or text
  • Register from anywhere using desktop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Patients know exactly where they are in the queue
  • Enter demographic data on first visit, and review for repeat visits (with the option to edit as needed)
  • Sign medical and consent forms
  • Pay now without having to wait around after their appointment

Safety and Privacy

  • No extended waits in a room full of sick patients
  • No answering sensitive questions or providing payment information where others can overhear
  • Smart scan of license enables photo capture, allowing patients to be approached and invited back privately, rather than having their name called out in a crowded waiting room