Benefits with Affinity RCM

  • Improve timely cash collections and reduces A/R days
  • Reduce cost to collect with intrinsic tools to streamline billing and manage complex contract relationships
  • Provide tangible efficiencies through exception-driven processing and work-flow
  • Add ease and speed to exchange of information with payers and clearinghouses
  • Identify trends, alerts, and changes in operational performance

Our process includes Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and electronic fund transfer capabilities across Registration, Patient Accounting and Utilization Management. We embed identity management and sophisticated scheduling tools for workflow optimization from patient registration to billing and collections. We provide denial-prevention capabilities as well as the ability to send EDI transactions directly to payers or to a clearninghouse. We automate necessary tasks with exception-driven, rules-based logic to ensure you have the right tools to work the correct accounts when you need to.

  • Patient Registration: Automate insurance eligibility checks to prevent claim denials and delays and determine patient ability to pay upfront.
  • Charge Capture: Interface with key clinical, lab and pharmacy systems for accurate billing.
  • Patient Billing: Produce consolidated billing statements internally or through a contracted service provider.
  • Claim Management: Connect directly with payers or clearinghouses to expedite claim processing.
  • Payer Performance: Monitor payer performance with a comprehensive payer scorecard.
  • Collections: Reduce your cost to collect by producing clean claims on the first try. Run CMS claim info prior to billing to resolve issues. Enable collections at the point of service.
  • Receivables Management: Zero-out accounts and ascertain cash flow quickly and efficiently.
  • RCM Analytics: In-depth examination of your revenue stream. Know who, what, and when, where you’re likely to encounter issues and how cash flows throughout your organization. And know now: dashboards, role-specific summaries and drill-down.

Affinity delivers improved cash flow by marrying key elements of the revenue cycle with a holistic revenue management ecosystem. Using Affinity RCM as the single-source to access key financial information from the multiple clinical and operational systems you already use also reduces the need for less efficient ‘bolt-on’ applications, thus lowering your organization’s overall cost to collect from both payers and guarantors.

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