Benefits of Affinity Enterprise Scheduling

  • Keep resource availability data current, accurate, and accessible
  • Improve efficiency, communication and satisfaction for patients and staff
  • Reduce patient wait times, no-shows and cancellations, claim denials as well as risk of fraud
  • Protect patient privacy while ensuring more time to focus on patient care
  • Measure resource utilization, patient responses, and trends to improve operational results
  • Increase revenue through improved efficiencies and by aligning scheduled care to procedure diagnosis codes

Communication Made Easy

Affinity Enterprise Scheduling provides an intuitive and easy to use interface to multiple systems and people. With us, scheduling is easy, but communicating who and what is on the schedule is just as important. Worry not! We do that, too!

  • Care Coordination: Schedule procedure requests and coordinate rooms, equipment, and staff consistently and accurately across all areas of your health system, with visibility to all as needed.
  • Physician Web Scheduler: Speed up the scheduling process for physicians—allow them to schedule appointments across facilities within 60 seconds.
  • Patient Arrival Notification: Notify appropriate resources when patients arrive.
  • Call-back Reminders: Automate HIPAA-compliant patient appointment reminders with user-selected parameters such as time and language.

Ready to Optimize Scheduling?

Physicians’ Offices Drive 80% of Hospital Appointments

Physicians are more likely to refer patients to healthcare organizations that provide centralized scheduling services and real-time information on-demand.

Don’t Lose Out on This Revenue Stream!

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Procedure & Payment Verification Starts at Scheduling

Don’t get stuck with an unpaid bill! Reduce claim denials, speed up reimbursement, and improve patient satisfaction with our Medical Necessity module.

This denial prevention solution verifies in real-time that the requested procedure or test matches the appropriate ICD-10 diagnosis code(s) provided by the physician to qualify for payments and reimbursement.

By verifying compliance for Medicare or other insurance carriers, both you and the patient will know immediately who’s responsible for payment and what portion. This also helps eliminate costs associated with submitting non-covered claims and resubmitting returned claims. It results in improved patient satisfaction and fewer A/R days for your organization.