Our Systems Management Suite is included with all Affinity ERP solutions and comes with the following modules:

Security Manager

Define security access for all Affinity ERP applications and modules from a single location. Monitor and quickly generate software login activity reports.

Data Manager

Effortlessly maintain all table definitions within each database without a database administrator. For each Affinity ERP application you can easily manage data tables, database locations, version control and testing environments (simple set up).

Server Update Wizard

Easily and automatically upgrade databases on your server.

Schema and XML Location Editors

Set up schema location information in text and XML format. Each modules can be used to manage multiple data schemas or instances of data from a single location.

Affinity ERP Setup

Set up and maintain Affinity ERP interfaces and custom interfaces. One location for all interfaces. You can set up and import AR information; review, edit, or delete charges; set up HL7 options; and purge interface data.

Affinity ERP Messaging

An optional component that allows Affinity ERP Requisitioning users to send and receive personal alerts without logging into Affinity ERP Requisitioning. Users can view new requisition requests, inform requisitioners of denied requests and customize the frequency of alerts.

System Manager

The “First-Aid Kit for Databases.” Systems Manager protects you against the impact of unrecoverable server errors. It is used only when instructed by an Affinity ERP Product Support Specialist. It provides table management utilities that perform data integrity audits, and it can repair balance files in the Affinity ERP system in the unlikely event of a database failure (e.g., if a hardware issue causes corruption in your data structures).