Payroll Employee Manager

Our Affinity Payroll system includes a Payroll Employee Manager which relies on shared data files that can be updated and edited from multiple points within the system to provide crucial employee information to managers.

Payroll Employee Manager is ideal for complex organizations where employees:

  • Have multiple jobs or positions, or work in multiple capacities;
  • Float across multiple departments or facilities;
  • Belong to one or more unions or collective bargaining units;
  • Are impacted by multiple pay rates; or
  • Earn diverse combinations of benefits.

Minimize manual intervention and increase decision-making confidence.

Effortlessly Meet Government Reporting Requirements

Affinity ERP’s Payroll Statutory Reporting module helps satisfy ever-increasing demand for electronic reports and web-based downloads as requested by legislative agencies and government ministries. It frees up valuable processing time by automating mandatory government reporting with system-generated reports and electronic data submissions.

  • Prepare Quarterly 941 Reports
  • Perform U.S. Internal Revenue Service W-2 files and employee tax slips
  • Create quarterly unemployment reports

All standard reports for each region are included and updates and additions are made quarterly.

Affinity ERP’s Payroll modules are flexible and powerful enough to handle endless labor contracts and employment arrangements of any intricacy for healthcare organizations of all sizes.

Put Our Experience to the Test

We have been producing cutting-edge software for Payroll professionals in healthcare organizations for over 25 years.