Recruitment Manager encompasses everything you need to simplify even the most complex recruiting needs. Fully integrated to Affinity ERP Human Resources and the other Affinity ERP Human Capital Management solutions, it uses position-driven recruitment to identify vacancies on your team and helps HR provide a timely response to recruitment needs by allowing managers to submit online requests for new staff, all of which follow a user-defined workflow.

Affinity ERP Recruitment shortlists candidates through resume scanning, ensures that shortlisted candidates meet minimum skill and certification requirements, defines mandatory testing for applicants, and allows you to create position-driven forms with weighted questions for routine activities such as interviews and performance reviews. New job postings can be created in seconds, but quality is not sacrificed for quantity as key performance indicators are tracked (such as “Days to Fill”). Consistent interviewing is assured with post-interview candidate analysis and best practice methods for recruitment are identified through analysis of recruiters, job boards and publications.

Applicant Management

Applicant Manager reduces your recruiting costs by keeping much of the hiring process in-house and reducing your reliance on external consultants and agencies. Recruit with confidence knowing that your references, pre-hire testing and offer letters are well-documented and standardized with a professional edge. Create and maintain complete records for applicants by attaching important documents such as resumes, references, and certificates to their individual files and tracking all other information and conversations. Built-in wizards allow you to search applicants on file for the right fit and identify missing applicant information prior to the hire. Of course, the entire experience follows the candidate after hire and becomes part of the permanent employee record so there is no duplication of effort or lost value along the way.

Labor Relations

No one likes when employees have a grievance or managers have concerns about performance, but it all needs to be documented for professional development and legal purposes. The Labor Relations Manager supports user-defined, step-driven management of individual and group grievance processes and disciplinary actions. This ensures responsiveness and completeness, aids in meeting legal requirements, and encourages positive relations with employees and union representatives, where applicable. Affinity Labor Relations lets you track all grievance or discipline-related costs, securely store communication logs for an accurate audit trail of actions, correspondence, and communication, and quickly view and track the history of any discipline or grievance record.