Accessible and Reliable Results.

Affinity ERP Finance Management allows you to manage all your financial procedures with one integrated suite. With 24/7 access to accurate financial information, you can track key metrics for informed decision making and measure performance against objectives. You can share the big picture among key stakeholders and drill-down to details when necessary.

Drill-Down to the Details.

With conventional practices, it can take days to get a detailed management report from your busy finance staff. Affinity Finance Management’s drill-down functionality and user-defined access permissions allow you to create date-sensitive, drill-down management reports in minutes from any computer without intervention. You’ll never have to wait for others to “get around to it.”

Efficiencies Reduce Workload; Save Time and Money.

Save time and reduce your workload by streamlining process steps and eliminating administrative costs. You can do more with less, and position your organization for growth without adding staff.

Bottom Line Savings.

Empower your management team with timely, accurate and complete financial and statistical information with minimal effort.

For over 25 years, we’ve thoughtfully developed and successfully implemented this time-saving, reliable healthcare financial software to eliminate unnecessary frustration, tension and wasted effort. Achieve complete peace of mind knowing your information is accurate and complete, and generated as cost effectively as possible.

Smart Software for Smart Business. Let us help you get the Smart Business you deserve!