Provides the full costs of all departments, revenue and overhead with detailed cost analysis including direct, indirect, fixed, variable, labor and other components

For Healthcare

Includes inpatient and outpatient costing, including pre-defined and user-defined demographics.

Data Modeling for Proactive “What If” Analysis

 Modify large amounts of data quickly and easily to forecast change impact and associated pros and cons. Project changes in inflation, wage rates, new equipment, new services, and more. Change standards individually, selectively or globally.

Extensive, Detailed Reporting

 Summary reports for upper management, item and product reports, departmental reports, user-defined demographic reports.

Multiple Cost Factors

Supports multiple costing methods including self-generated RVUs, national RVUs, engineered standards or RCCs.

Share the Expense

Simultaneous linear equations for overhead allocations (vs. step-down method) to enable cross-allocation between departments.

Handle Product Groups with Ease

In-depth product grouping to organize like products or create one large group with all products, or anything in-between for sound product costing and accurate revenue reporting.

Eliminate Errors

Data integrity utilities save time by pointing out data inconsistencies and how to fix them. Reconciliation reports ensure expenses are properly allocated and income statements match facility statements.

Cost Accounting with Complete Departmental Costing Control

Not every organization fits neatly into 12-month fiscal years and standard FTE hours. Affinity ERP Cost Accounting is flexible to accommodate organizations large and small, regardless of organizational structure. You can customize datasets for any fiscal period and make confident, hassle-free costing decisions.

We also know how important it is for individual departments to have their needs met efficiently and effectively. Affinity ERP Cost Accounting ensures your users have total control over departmental costing and reporting requirements.

  • Define multi-tiered reporting structures and group departments by those structures
  • Define department types in a variety of ways, including by revenue source, transfers and special cases
  • Establish department managers; the software will email updates to managers
  • Efficiently manage departmental charge items
  • Automatically calculate departmental allocation tables based on available data or manually define allocation tables as required

We make it easy to import data from various file types or directly from other Affinity ERP applications. Control who sees what and when with default file types and export files to email.

Expert Implementation Assistance

Our expert consultants will guide you through the entire implementation process, including one-on-one training for cost accountants and department managers on best practice cost accounting concepts. Webinars featuring service industry theory and practical experience are also offered.