Dashboards for Executive Management

Designed to measure and report your organization’s operational, financial, and executive performance without requiring you to run reports or go looking for information, the Affinity ERP Dashboards keep you in the loop constantly, and in real-time. With a customizable, aesthetically pleasing layout, information is strategically displayed through gauges, graphs and charts, keeping your staff current with the operations of their department, division or entire organization. User-defined security standards allow you to load a customized dashboard based on defined permissions.

Easy-to-Build Reports

Powerful wizards guide you step-by-step through the process of building a broad range of comprehensive reports. Linked to the live General Ledger database, you only need to build reports once or import your existing spreadsheets. Then you can instantly repopulate reports, graphs and charts with live data for up-to-the-second visibility. You’ll never have to manually update them again!

Flexible Queries

With one-keystroke, you can drill-down to account source and transaction details, providing instantaneous access to all the information you need, eliminating delays and frustration. Advanced filter and sort features facilitate painless generation of custom and ad hoc reports in seconds. Live reports automatically reconfigure themselves based on the rights you assign to each user, allowing you to deploy one online report for all users.

Multiple-Entity Reporting

Multi-entity reporting is streamlined and simplified, allowing you to easily generate and distribute consolidated and segmented reports by facility, department and revenue/expense type with fast drill-down to detailed source transactions.

Measurable Savings

Time savings are immediately apparent, as workload and process steps are fully automated. All pertinent financial information is accurate and available 24/7 so expenses can be accurately forecast, monitored and reported. Performance is easily measured against objectives and decisions are fully informed and metric-based. Your organization is positioned for growth without adding additional administrative staff.

Better, Easier and Faster Budgeting

Budget tools read live and historical data directly from the General Ledger to empower decision-making on the basis of up-to-the-minute empirical data. Common tables aid in forecasting and decision-making with the ability to easily develop and analyze the impact of “What if?” scenarios before making a decision. Funding management is simplified, and workload statistics are tracked alongside financial information for better cost-control. You have total control of your business information and can quickly and easily access it anytime, anywhere.