“Given our unique patient population, we needed a product that would provide both flexibility and customization. After reviewing several EHR products, Harris Flex was the only one fulfilling these requirements and was the clear and only choice for Bethany Children’s Health Center."

Darin Brannan, M.D. MPH, FAAP, DTM&H Chief of Clinical Innovation Bethany Children's Health Center, Oklahoma, USA

Unsurpassed Interoperability and Quick Data Exchange

Our EHR is developed on the most proven and installed electronic health record platform, and has at its core InterSystems’ IRIS®. For true interoperability, we provide several database exposures and fully support HL7 standards as well as web services through FHIR and SSL standards for secure data transfer. Now, you can streamline clinical workflows even when “on the go.”

Leverage industry-recognized and award-winning technologies with pre-built functionality from these healthcare experts:

InterSystems HealthShare

Seamlessly integrate information across the care continuum while streamlining clinical and administrative processes.


Webswing Ltd. is behind the development of Webswing; the unique web server which runs any swing-based java application in a web browser – without changing a single line of source code.

Wolters Kluwer Medi-Span

Medi-Span clinical drug information from Wolters Kluwer is embedded in our EHR.


Leverage Dr.First industry and state jurisdictional expertise integrated to our medication management process. Import patient medication fill histories for patient care as well as insurance formulary coverage.

DHIT CQMSolution

Calculate, display and generate clinical quality measure output within HARRIS Flex. ONC-certified and fully supports the Hospital Quality Reporting Program eCQMs (IQR and EHR).

Radiology Clinical Decision Support

OrderWise® integrated in HARRIS Flex, guides clinicians through clinical decision pathways to help them order the most appropriate diagnostic imaging tests while helping organizations comply with the CMS AUC requirement.


As experts in healthcare interoperability, we work with health professionals to help them save time for care.

Krames Patient Education

Access 3,000+ illustrated topics from the Krames Staywell library including procedures, conditions, treatments, rehabilitation and self-care.

Additional Features Include

Clinical Documentation

Intuitive note templates to make clinical documentation easy, fast, accurate and complete. Promotes standardization of care and inter-disciplinary collaboration and communication.

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Medication Management

Streamline the entire medication lifecycle: ordering, dispensing, administration documentation and ePrescribing. Includes mobile medication reconciliation and BCMA support.

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Computerized Physician
Order Entry

Clear and concise CPOE with fully integrated clinical decision support improves communication, quality of care and patient safety.

Evidence-based Order Sets

Single-click orders for problems and diagnoses with embedded hyperlink references for accurate, timely clinical intelligence.

Controlled Medical Vocabulary

Assign disease and procedure codes to enhance clinical decision support capabilities, improve data integrity, and ensure the accuracy and completeness of clinical information.

Secure & Accessible Multi-Media

Photos, video and scanned documents provided in-context within the patient electronic health record.


Supports all key processes for general lab and specialty areas, inpatient and outpatient, from specimen collection to results reporting.


Diagnostic imaging & PACS integration for General, CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound, Mammography, and Interventional.

Health Information Management

Optimize patient registration, patient identification, patient status, location tracking and patient billing.

Patient Portal

Online access for patients to send and receive messages from their providers as well as view, download and transmit their clinical information to another medical provider.

Faster, Easier and Expert Implementation

Clients want to know: what are your key differentiators, and what can you prove? Well, here’s another one, and it’s major: We cut implementation time in half.

Better functionality in half the time. Other EHR providers take 18-24 months to implement. We do it in 6-9 months. Moreover, we don’t hijack your IT staff and we don’t require you to hire costly consultants. Our implementation processes coupled with no surprising back-end fees greatly contribute to our EHR’s affordability.

 Excellence in Customer Care

Our value is intrinsically tied to our clients—when you succeed, we succeed. That’s why our products and our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are so completely aligned with each client’s unique performance metrics. We believe in constant communication, outlining clear metrics for success from the onset, and a never-ending commitment to best practices.

We strive to deliver excellence in customer experience and care by ensuring that every interaction is consistently satisfying and well-documented. You will appreciate the ease of access to our expert team, our accelerated implementation methodology, and that one of our core values is Empowerment at the Point of Contact.

Certifications & Standards Commitments