Key Benefits*

Enhanced pro-fee charge capture†

Eliminated missed billing, 100% accountability between services documented and services billed, cut billing lag by 4-5 days, annual impact to hospital medicine department over $535,000. Added PQRI capture estimated over $150k/yr in earned incentive payments.

Enhanced hospital revenues

Better, more legible and compliant documentation up front; for example, disallowing prohibited abbreviations in the note, prompting for greater specificity, sequencing the patient’s diagnoses properly has supported more accurate severity adjusted DRG assignment. CMI increased by 0.1, which equates to over $3M/yr. Reduced sticky notes in the chart.

Eliminated transcription costs

Physicians were initially nervous about typing, but adjusted after about a week. Carry-forward makes progress notes fast. Cost reduction of $167,000/year for the department.

Saves time

Saves time overall. Everything online and can be done in one step. Access from home. More complete information for review.

Integration of sign-out/patient handoff

Strengthened patient safety and reporting initiatives. All parties are aware of PMH, current problems, current labs, code status and to-dos.

Enhanced communication with community physicians

Sending a neat, legible H&P and discharge summary immediately at patient discharge. Happy community physicians!

* As reported by a Department of Hospital Medicine customer with 17,000 discharges/year.
† Traditionally, TeamNotes has increased physician collections by 8 to 12%, and up to 40%.

We Are Clinical Documentation System Experts

Our clinical documentation experts focus on best practices for capturing, structuring and utilizing electronic documentation.

From initial development in 1999 to now, we have been fortunate to have had amazing partnerships with Johns Hopkins Hospital, UMass Memorial Health Care, George Washington University and UPMC—all of which have guided our innovation, tested our hypotheses and helped us build the best clinical documentation and charge capture solution available.

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