The solution includes:

  • Antimicrobial/Infection Control solution dashboards:
    • Drug-bug mismatches
    • Intravenous usage and high cost drug utilization
    • Antibiograms with filters for multi-variant analysis
  • Antibiotic Utilization Reports:
    • Defined Daily Dose (DDD)
    • Days of Therapy (DOT)
    • Length of Therapy (LOT)
    • Antibiotic Resistance Trend
  • Infection Control Dashboards:
    • Assignment of hospital and community acquired infections
    • Lists of at-risk patients and identification of new infection cases
    • Identification of suspected cases of:
      • Central Line Infections
      • Surgical Site Infections
      • Ventilator Acquired Pneumonias
      • Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections
  • Compliance auditing component that tracks, measures and reports compliance with hand-hygiene environmental and construction audits
  • Ability to expand the Harris Antimicrobial/Infection Control solution to Harris Patient Flow/Bed Manager and Harris Workload with minimal licensing and services fees saving the organization time and effort.

Technology and Support You Can Trust

Harris Antimicrobial/Infection Control provides a user-friendly experience with robust performance capabilities and a seamless integration with leading clinical, operational and financial systems. The solution utilizes world class IBM Cognos® Analytics for data management, analytics and reporting.