How Does AcuityPlus Work?

  1. Nurse documents patient care in EHR.
  2. Patient care needs feed to AcuityPlus via HL7.
  3. AcuityPlus uses evidence-based methodologies to determine patient acuity and complexity.
    1. Steps 1-3 provide the patient’s Transparent Classification. This occurs in real-time and takes no additional effort.
  4. AcuityPlus maps patient care needs to staff skill and availability (either through info from the Scheduling and/or HR System or through entry of staff names/numbers)
  5. Staffing assignments are automatically generated based on:
    1. Patient Workload (how much care is needed)
    2. Complexity of Care (the measure of RN skill needed to provide care)
    3. Continuity of Care (assignment of same caregivers – see correlation to patient outcomes)
  6. Staff proceed to their shifts. The 5 Rights of Staffing are addressed, allowing your organization to provide optimal patient care.

Reporting Data & 360° Closed-loop Feedback

AcuityPlus functions in the background. Most staff will have little-to-no interaction with the system—with most seeing reports only. Data for benchmarking, management and research is easily accessible and continually available.

To help CNOs, Directors of Nursing, CFOs and shift managers better understand the impacts staffing has on patient care, AcuityPlus offers multiple tools for real-time adjustments, forecasting and continuous process improvement. We provide extensive management report capabilities as well as the ability to customize standard reports or create new with an included report writer.

Staffing Forecaster

Project staffing requirements based on changes to ADT census data, acuity, patient mix and staffing parameters. Create “what if” scenarios to evaluate impact of change in salaries or staff numbers before implementing change. Easily manipulate multiple variables for budget preparation.

Discharge / Transfer Management

Manage the discharge process through analysis of patient readiness for transfer or discharge and determine costs associated with delays. Allows quick determination of potential number of available beds in disaster or emergency situations.


Evaluate the relationship between staffing (experience and expertise) and patient and staff outcomes. Add custom indicators and define ‘treatment areas’ to track specific patient populations or events. Discover the impact of staffing on patient and staff satisfaction and work-related injuries.

Need Proof?

AcuityPlus users cannot imagine staffing, planning and budgeting any other way.

If you are staffing based on any method that does not take into consideration data-driven, evidence-based patient acuity, AcuityPlus will make a difference for you and your organization.