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Cardiology Monitoring
and Documenting

Cardiology comprehensive health record and remote patient monitoring device with chronic care management tools.

Financial & Resources Planning

On-demand reimbursement intelligence to support management, simplify investment decision making processes with a clear visibility into costs, contracts and resources.

Enhanced Patient Care and Revenue

Improve client and patient outcomes across the care continuum with increased sustainable revenue.

Acuity-Based Nurse Staffing

Improve patient care and safety while optimizing nurse staffing through acuity-based workload to reduce staff overtime and maximize cost savings.

Robust HIE Platform

A next generation HIE platform that streamlines EHR integration, data management and interoperability while offering a virtual health record & referrals management.

Care Management Across
the Continuum

Configure work flows at the ‘local’ level and deliver value-based care across the continuum while reducing costs and improving outcomes.

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Protect Patient Privacy

Hacking was named the #1 health technology hazard of 2019 by ECRI Institute. And according to Verizon’s 2018 Data Breach Investigation Report, internal users still cause 56% of healthcare breaches.

During HIMSS19, visit our friends Iatric Systems, Inc. to learn how hospitals are securing remote access and successfully reducing patient privacy threats.

  • Hear a 20-minute case study presentation, “Confront Internal & External Threats,” on Wednesday, February 13 at 10:15 AM in Cybersecurity Theater 2
  • Schedule a 15-minute meeting with Iatric Systems experts in Room MP40
Located at Booth #400-61, Hall A,
CyberSecurity Command Center