Harris Healthcare solutions help during the COVID-19 health crisis

As the world continues to struggle with COVID-19, our thoughts are with those affected, the Healthcare Professionals, and all the staff who provide ongoing care to all those impacted. We are all very grateful for their outstanding dedication and sacrifices.

Harris has set up a central COVID-19 task force that is actively monitoring and supporting daily operations and working with our clients to help ensure continued safe and timely support to meet their needs, fully in accordance with health authority recommendations. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Harris Healthcare has been able to continue its business operations around the world. We are constantly reviewing precautionary measures based on CDC, PHAC, and WHO guidelines and adjusting our strategies accordingly. At Harris Healthcare we have mobilized our resources to:

  1. Continue fulfilling customer needs and maintain business continuity
  2. Ensure the health and safety of our employees

We are committed to serving our customers

We realize how the fight against the current COVID-19 pandemic is placing extreme strain on your human, material, and financial resources. We understand that your focus is on keeping your staff and patients healthy, safe and on ensuring you have the medical supplies and equipment you need.

As your health IT partner, we want to assure you that we are here for you, we have your back, so that you can continue focusing on what is most important.

We understand our responsibility to provide the infrastructure and support you need, and how much you rely on our technology to support frontline staff in their efforts of caring for patients during this COVID-19 crisis. We want to reassure you that:

  • We are currently able to provide our customers with our core solutions and services without significant interruption;
  • We are following our business-continuity and technology plans to ensure we continue to serve our customers’ needs;
  • We have validated that we have sufficient IT infrastructure and equipment to support our employee’s working remotely as well as begun discussions with our external providers on obtaining additional resources should they be required;
  • We have reviewed our policies and procedures requiring us to have the appropriate security measures in place to protect your information and data, including providing instructions to all our employees on how to do so when working remotely;
  • We are working with our third-party vendors where appropriate to coordinate our continuing service to our customers; and
  • We are working in partnership with our customers to perform remotely or reschedule services as required and/or determine the appropriateness of being on-site.

How we can help make a difference

Our employees around the world are stepping up to support Healthcare Providers and their patients in the fight against COVID-19.

The Harris Healthcare team is working diligently to implement disease screening tools, including the public health mandated COVID-19 screening questions, and has created a COVID-19 Test Result Reporting report in HARRIS Flex as required per the US Government. This report captures all COVID-19 ordered, positively resulted and cumulative test results and can be leveraged by any organization globally for tracking individual hospital’s COVID-19 statistics.

We understand you need to focus on your operational priorities but please let us know when and how we can be of assistance.

Read how a UK Hospital leverages its HARRIS Flex electronic patient record, to streamline patient care in the fight against COVID-19

Harris Healthcare has a broad portfolio, shown below, of software solutions and services that can help address the preparedness, response and recovery needs of COVID-19.

Solution Category

How the solution helps during the COVID-19 health crisis

Harris Flex
  • Allows the documentation of COVID-19 screening questions from public health agencies for triage/admission assessments.
  • Automatically triggers orders for isolation and other clinical management based on triage or initial documentation.
  • Creates COVID-19 management work queues for Infection Control, Risk Management, Director of Nursing, and/or other identified clinicians.
  • Expedites the placement of COVID-19 Order Sets with reference links to CDC, PHAC or WHO to manage the identification and treatment of Coronavirus disease.
  • Streamlines lab result management of Coronavirus test results.
  • Generates report to track hospital COVID-19 statistics.
  • Triggers immediate messaging to designated clinicians (Infection Control, Director of Nursing, CMO, CEO) using email, pager, and smartphone alerting.
Acuity-Based Staffing
Harris AcuityPlus
  • Identify and track specific patient populations for COVID-19 and other crisis metrics.
  • Tools to provide safe, efficient, and equitable staffing which is key when managing a potentially reduced workforce impacted by COVID-19.
  • Transparent Classification to ensure documentation is capturing the necessary data as EMR documentation is modified for COVID-19 patients.
  • Create patient assignments that are safe, efficient, and distribute workload evenly to help mitigate staff exposure and cross-contamination of COVID-19 patients.
  • Reduce the workload of nurses by creating user-defined indicators for COVID-19 to track COVID-19 patient volume, location, and length of stay hours.
  • Discharge Transfer Module provides reports that can quickly identify patients and their acuity levels for dynamic COVID-19 bed management.
  • Staffing Forecaster to predict workload for current and projected patients to better anticipate staffing needs during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.
Uniphy Health Solutions iconComplete Mobility Platform
  • Mobile app consolidation through centralized, secure access with one login to save valuable time.
  • Broadcast Network that supports mass broadcast of easily accessible COVID-19 information as news, safety guidelines, and policies change.
  • Enterprise-wide system, including staff and affiliates, providing individuals the ability to reach the care teams and ancillary services necessary to address emergent COVID-19 patient needs.
  • Distribute critical COVID-19 patient information to clinicians to increase patient care focus and reduce burnout.
  • Enhance COVID-19 patient care through incident alerts and real-time lab results to trigger isolation and treatment needs.
  • Reduces errors in communication from transitions of care by providing accurate handoff information.
  • Support safe-distance communication protocols with secure messaging, including alerting PCP and Consulting Providers of patients being admitted for COVID-19 treatment.
  • Streamline processes and communication to manage surges in COVID-19 patient admissions.
Antimicrobial / Infection Control
Harris Antimicrobial / Infection Control
  • Allows the documentation of COVID-19 screening questions from public health agencies for triage/admission assessments.
  • Automatically triggers orders for isolation and other clinical management based on triage or initial documentation.
  • Provides instant access to information about all types of infections documented in the hospital’s laboratory, including COVID-19, enabling staff to treat patients and start isolation sooner, improve outcomes, and save costs.
  • It pulls together all pertinent information, such as isolation status, culture results, medications, and days of therapy that help the physician and infection control professional make quick and better data-driven decisions.
  • Provides contact tracing at the patient-to-patient level and patient-to-nurse level.
  • Generates all reports as per provincial, state or federal public health agencies requirements- Leverages powerful IBM Analytics®11 for superior reports, notifications, security and scalability for COVID-19 analytics reporting.
Harris Workload iconWorkload
Harris Workload
  • As patient volume and status dynamically changes, allows managers to remain apprised of their care unit’s total workload and distribute workload in a fair way to prevent burnout.
  • Provides managers what they need for daily staff assignment decision making and long-term planning.
  • Captures Nursing, Allied Health and Clinical Pharmacy professional’s workload for all patient related as well as administrative tasks.
Harris Patient Flow iconPatient Flow Coordination
Harris Patient Flow / Bed Manager
  • View real-time patient and bed status across the organization to enable quick, effective and optimal patient-bed matching for infected and non-infected patients, and to quickly identify negative pressure rooms required for isolation patients.
  • Track bed history of contaminated or exposed COVID-19 patient as well as other patients he/she has been in contact with to help contain an outbreak.
  • Generates all reports as per provincial, state or federal governmental requirements- Leverages powerful IBM Analytics®11 for superior reports, notifications, security and scalability for COVID-19 analytics reporting.
Interface Monitoring
SynergyCheck Interface Monitor
  • In these times of tele-commuting and home confinement, this solution enables staff to proactively monitor an enterprise’s interfaces 24/7 from home and respond to problematic situations, ensuring that the organization’s mission-critical systems remain fully operational.

Measures to keep our employees safe

Harris Healthcare has implemented a global ‘working from home’ protocol for most employees, restricted non-essential travel, and postponed all in-person internal meetings.

  • We are requiring all employees who have traveled or travel outside of their home country to self- quarantine at home for a period of two weeks and to not physically attend to any office or customer location;
  • We have formed an executive safety committee to monitor the situation and provide additional recommendations as required;
  • We have provided detailed instructions and additional references to employees on hygiene, social distancing;
  • We have requested all employees to seek appropriate medical attention as required; and
  • We continue to monitor official communications from the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, the Public Health Agency of Canada as well as applicable local, provincial and state agencies.

As news and guidance roll out from health agencies and governments around the globe, we remain your trusted partner to help you navigate these new challenges and keep your patients and staff healthy and safe. We will be providing updates as the situation evolves.