Why become part of the Harris Healthcare family?

Something for Everyone

Harris Healthcare’s core solutions include enterprise clinical and financial solutions such as EHR, ERP, RCM, patient-self-service and acuity-based staffing. Through our larger Harris Healthcare family, we also offer ancillary and auxiliary healthcare solutions suited for specialty areas and use cases.


Across the 10 Harris Healthcare Group business units, there are over 1,000 employees operating in 13 countries. We have over 2,500 clients and support over 10,000 providers!

Family is Forever

We are always growing and expanding our solution portfolios. However, it’s important to know: we don’t sell companies. We commit to lasting relationships and long-term success.

Integration & Expertise.

We search for nonpareil and niche systems, and work towards integration among and between those systems to create the ideal solution for our clients. Integration among Harris Healthcare systems is always free.

Software for Life

Our products are offered under a “Software for Life” philosophy. Regardless of which Harris Healthcare solution you choose, you will receive the same level of service, support and long-term technology protection. This ensures our customers keep pace with rapidly evolving healthcare technology environments.

Research & Development.

We invest over 30% of revenue into R&D. According to a 2015 PWCstrategy study, this far exceeds software and healthcare IT industry averages of 15% and 12%, respectively.

Debt-free & Financially Sound.

We are part of a $20 Billion corporation. Our parent company’s stock has out-performed Apple over the last 5 years.

Examine Our Solutions to discover how we can serve virtually any of your needs.

Our Solutions

Also be sure to check out Harris’ other industry verticals. Harris has divisions dedicated to Schools, the Public sector and Utilities. Learn more about Harris corporate here, and our parent company, Constellation Software, here.